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Welcome to the Finance Planning Mortgage Network. Allowing Mortgage & Protection Advisers to offer a market leading selection of products in a refreshing new way.

Easy Pipeline Transfer Service Fee Free for first 120 Days Low Compliance Fees Market leading Protection Rates Easy Pipeline Transfer Service Top Tier Legal & General Club Members Award Winning Top up your car for free at our charging points

New Mortgage Network

Your Next Mortgage Network

Everything you need from a mortgage network and much more

At The Finance Planning Group, we are redefining what good looks like when it comes to a mortgage network. For too long a mortgage network would would simply take a slice of your income and give little back. Not anymore.

We all need to change in today’s market in order to remain current and not be subject to the digital disruptors who think they offer something better. You can even ‘top up’ your car at one of our charging points when you visit head office.

Click to read about our mission and purpose, it is simple:

“To give our members the day to day support the they need to grow their businesses and to provide compliance to keep them safe.”

Talk to us today about how we can help your business.

We would rather our fees came from your volume than taking a dispraportionate amount upfront. Working together we will help you reach your earnings potential.

We pay you on all business that has exchanged in the month previous. We pay once a month and all payments are guaranteed.

Changing your mortgage network needn’t cause you financial trouble. As such, you will pay no fees for the first 120 days.

Depending on your circumstances, we will novate your mortgage and protection pipeline over to us. It isn’t difficult with our Network Transfer Service.

When as a group you lend over 1bn per year and win awards for the business quality, you won’t be surprised that we are getting the very top tier proc rates which we pass onto you.

If protection plays a big part of your advice, you are going to love the panel we work from. With different providers underwriting styles, choice can be crucial to securing the right terms and the right premium.

Support comes in the form of sales managent, administration, marketing, IT, compliance, underwriting, training and marketing. from day one you have access to our portfolio of network support services.

Network Transfer Service

Moving from one mortgage network to another is easier than you think.

In some circumstances we are able to transfer your current mortgage and life pipeline the same way that you would balance transfer on a credit card. Even when this is not possible, we will work with you to make your mortgage network transfer as smooth as possible. 

We will sit down and work out the best terms in order to support your cashflow during the initial period.

How much are our fees?

Day 1

Welcome Incentive

No joining fees and nothing to pay for your first 90 days worth of business. We want you to help your cashflow while you get yourself up and running.

Day 120

No Fee Payments for 120 days

After your first 90 days, you will pay a fee on all business banked for that month, not a penny more.

Every lender within one Mortgage Network...

We sit at the top table with the L&G mortgage club and enjoy an exceptional relationships with our lender partners

There are three considerations that are ‘must haves’ when looking at a mortgage panel. To be competitive in today’s market your customer demands choice and we think that anything less than whole of market simply isn’t enough. Next, let’s face it, you are going to be looking for the best proc fees available and that’s exactly what we have negotiated on your behalf. Finally, a great proc is nothing if you can’t get the deals through and our high level lender relationships allow us to step in and help you to become a very loud voice and get things sorted.

Contact Us

Everything you need from a mortgage network and much more

If you are interested in joining us and would like to have an informal chat with us, please get in touch today as we would love to speak to you. 

Maybe, you are starting out or you are an established business looking for something better, we know that you will not be disappointed with what we have to offer.

*All information is treated as strictly confidential. All enquiries are dealt with at Senior Management level.

You're going to love how easy it is to join us....

After we've met and agreed to work together, the introduction team are immediatetly set to work with the sole aim of to get you fee earning as quickly as possible.

Once contracts have been signed and you have given notice to your employer or current network we can set a timeline.

This simple 3 stage approach is designed with you in mind and tailored to your personal requirements.

Every protection provider you could wish for...

If like us you think that protection plays a huge part in great advice and income generation, you need a great panel to support you

Protection plays a huge role in the value any mortgage broker delivers to a modern customer. What will continue to seperate us from any online mortgage company is quality mortgage and protection advice. They have yet to develop an algorithim that can understand your clients needs in the way that you do and it’s important that when making a recommendation you have a wide selection of insurers offering the very best terms.

Our panel offers everything from the lowest premiums in order to prevent clawbacks and a wide choice of underwriting styles to give you the greatest chance when met with medical challenges. We like to think that ‘no’ doesn’t always have to mean ‘no’.

Finally, If preotection isn’t your thing, no proble. Our advice standards are not going to punish you, they are written to support you and you can refer your business to our protection paraplanners who will write the business on your behalf.

From day one, we want to help you grow...

As a member of our mortgage network, you will receieve all of its benefits including those listed below.

At an early stage we will identify what level of support you are looking for and tailor the way we work with you accordingly. You might the type of person that likes to get on with it and simply need to understand our sales process which is great, or, you might want your account manager to help you with proven business winning ideas. Either way, you are in the driving seat and the outcome is a great working relationship and hopefully an increase in income.

Maybe you are looking for a fresh start and inspiration and that’s what we offer. Our marketing department produces quality lead generating content which our compliance department makes sure is fully compliant keeping you out of harms way. The good news is that they actully get on and can turn ideas into reality without any fuss and super fast.

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